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6MP Indoor Ceiling Camera

The p25/p26 6MP model is equipped with 6 Megapixel Moonlight sensor technology providing best low light performance to cope with every indoor situation.

The p25/p26 is positioned extremely price competitive and represents with all included MOBOTIX features and the MOBOTIX VMS MxMC, one of the most attractive security solutions in the market.

  • Standalone: Full functionality @ zero bandwidth
  • Video Sensor: MxActivitySensor reducing false alarms
  • Event Recording: Onboard (SD card) & direct to NAS
  • MxAnalytics: Heat map & people counting
  • Alarm Notification: E-mail, FTP & VoIP (SIP)
  • Communication: Two-way audio option
  • Power: Standard PoE below 4W

Brilliant light sensitivity with the 6MP Moonlight Technology day and night



The p25/p26 is a ceiling camera with a manual pan/tilt functionality providing full installation flexibility. Equipped with a telephoto lens, the p25/26 can be directed to a specific spot in the room, with a 103 degree lens, and, mounted in the corner, the p25/p26 covers the entire space in 6MP resolution. A hemispheric version is available, too. For all indoor models, MOBOTIX offers a surface mount kit to cope with concrete ceilings, as well as special audio models incl. microphone and speaker to realize a two-way audio communication.



Highlights p25

Compact and discreet, manually panable and tiltable (-5° to -45°) 6MP Moonlight Camera for ceiling mounting indoors (IP20, 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F)

The most light-sensitive MOBOTIX sensor lens technology ever; very low illumination requirements for day version: 0.1 lux (t = 1/60 s), for the night version: 0.02 lux (t = 1/60 s)

Maximum image size: 6MP in special format 3:2 (3072 x 2048 pixels)

Wide choice of lenses from distance telephoto (15°) to Hemispheric (180°)

With its extremely reliable and high-quality technical components, the camera is also perfect for continuous operation in professional applications (MTBF >80,000 hours)

Comes standard with MxAnalytics video analysis tools (used, for instance, to display customer traffic flows in a showroom)

Quick installation in suspended ceilings by simply mounting the camera using three spring clips

When installed in a corner, one single p25 with the ultra-wide angle lens records the entire space with no blind spots, thus replacing four conventional CCTV cameras

Available with either day or night sensor (color or black/white) and perfectly suited to demanding indoor applications with poor lighting conditions

Power supply via Ethernet cable (PoE IEEE 802.3af, class 2), low power consumption of typically only 4 W

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